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Evolution of Performance

It was INFINITI’s first luxury coupe, but it quickly became much more. The G Coupe was an instant hit with performance aficionados, and remains an iconic car to this day. INFINITI has changed the name, but the spirit remains the same. Find out why enthusiasts of the INFINITI G37 are enjoying the new INFINITI Q60.


Power Where You Want It

The INFINITI G37 replaced the G35 in 2008 with a 3.7-liter engine that put out 330 horsepower. Today, the Q60 boasts an available 400-hp, twin-turbo V6. Equipped with Direct Adaptive Steering and Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, the Q60 seamlessly combines safety with exhilarating performance.


Aerodynamic Styling

The sleek, stylish lines of the INFINITI G37 were a favorite among its legion of followers. Now, with the INFINITI Q60, the coupe’s design has accelerated into a future where form meets function. The INFINITI Q60 features a front and rear "Zero Lift" design that can help increase the vehicle’s stability at high speeds, and fluid, racy lines that seem to effortlessly slip through the air.


Wrapped in Racing Comfort

Tailored to accentuate the human form, the INFINITI Q60’s cabin celebrates the driver with modern materials and performance design. The all-new driver’s seat features deep bolsters and an integrated headrest to hold you securely and reduce fatigue on long drives. Sport-inspired thumb grips and paddle shifters put performance driving at your fingertips, right where you want it.

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